Thursday, 20 October 2016

Drama catch-up

Wow, it's been two months since my last catch-up post. Moonlight has started and finished in between that post and this one! Crazy! What is real life, am I right?

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Go Princess Go - Episode 13

The Dowager Empress has called Peng Peng and the concubines in for lunch to unveil her new vase that Peng Peng imported for her. Ah, looks like Peng Peng never found the statue of David then. Ha ha, the Dowager takes off the covering and lets all of the concubines see it first, and they all gasp and turn away. The Dowager thinks this must mean it’s beautiful and is excited to take a look for herself. Peng Peng has no clue what to do (and tells us this in a freeze frame), but decides the only thing she can do is to tell the Dowager that Qi Sheng ordered her to purchase that statue! Oh, this is brilliant. She tells the Dowager Empress that Qi Sheng said the statue would get them more in the mood for baby making. Ha, and she also slips in a mention of Armor, with the Dowager responding “The viagra that is safe for men with no side effects?”. Peng Peng tells the Dowager that they are trying their best to produce an heir, and the Dowager Empress agrees to forget about this whole incident.


Shortly afterwards, Peng Peng is praising herself for being so quick thinking and comments that the Emperor can be useful sometimes. Speaking of the devil, Qi Sheng appears with his Eunuch carrying the covered David statue. Ahahahaha, the Dowager gave it to “its rightful owner” Qi Sheng. The Emperor asks Peng Peng what his grandmother was talking about, and Peng Peng realises he hasn’t actually seen the statue yet. She suddenly runs over to him and starts pretending to pull sleep out of his eyes, and ‘accidentally’ knocks over the statue, making sure it shatters into pieces. She screams, crying over the “child bearing saint” the Dowager had given her. Qi Sheng’s face during this whole scene is bloody brilliant. Peng Peng cries out “Oppa, eotteoke?” (Peng Peng and her Korean, seriously) and Qi Sheng tells her not to worry about it. Peng Peng looks at the camera and asks for nothing more to happen to her, as her acting skills are dried up! While she’s making a scene, Qi Sheng calmly hands her a letter for the “little apple” in her palace (which apparently is Lu Li). Oh, this is the love letter that Qi Sheng thought his Eunuch wrote to him! 


Qi Sheng seems a bit annoyed at the mistakes the delivery service has been making lately, and Peng Peng jumps up and starts massaging him (“Oppa, you worked so hard!”) and singing the song from the love letter (“You are my little apple”). Aww, meanwhile, Lu Li and the Eunuch are sitting together outside and the Eunuch asks her if she likes Little Apple. She tells him she doesn’t like apples but she does like pears, lol. He says no, not the fruit, the poem! But she misunderstands and goes on to tell him about the time she ate some of the Empress’s durian and realised it was the best tasting fruit in the world. The Emperor comes out after visiting Peng Peng and sees the two servants laughing together. He tells his Eunuch that the 3m rule doesn’t apply anymore and that he can follow behind him. Aww, the Eunuch is so happy now!


We cut now to Ying Yue, who is doing some kind of loose freestyle dance. A delivery arrives from the Emperor (remember he gave it to the Eunuch to send in ep 12) and Ying Yue asks the delivery guy to open it. It’s half of a fingered citron, which Ying Yue thinks is a present as it is in the shape of Buddha’s hand (another name for the fruit). The delivery person asks why someone would give half a fruit as a present, and thinks it actually means to break up. He asks her to sign the delivery slip so that he can leave but she refuses. It must be a mistake, he must have delivered to the wrong person. He says no, this was a VIP Express delivery, it was definitely meant for her. Yang Yue decides this was an evil ploy set up by Peng Peng to trick her, and hmmm, i think she’s shooting the evil eyes. What’s she going to do to Peng Peng?


Later, the Dowager Empress is setting up a candlelit evening for Peng Peng and Qi Sheng to help them with their baby making. Well, Lu Li and Eunuch Qiang are setting everything up, and the Empress is providing a dress for Peng Peng to wear. Lol, she told Peng Peng she designed a dress and wanted her to model it for her. When Peng Peng reveals herself in the dress (which actually isn’t any more revealing than any of her other dresses), the Eunuch’s mouths’ drop and the Dowager realises how she made her husband fall in love with her all those years ago. Ahahaha, and then the Empress is like “I got the inspiration from a western designer, Wei Tuo Li”. Peng Peng asks if she means Victoria, and imagines a Victoria’s Secret catwalk show! The Dowager Empress then tells Peng Peng that men are all stubborn donkeys and that if women don’t want to suffer, they have to go along with them. She then walks off to get the boxes of viagra that she had imported in for Qi Sheng (ha!). While the Dowager is out of the room, Peng Peng fakes a stomach ache and makes her exit, so when the Dowager comes back, Peng Peng is nowhere to be seen. She gives the viagra to a servant, asking her to give this to Peng Peng with specific instructions to tell the Emperor to take it 1 hour before they have sex (ha!).


That night, Lu Li and the Eunuch are sitting outside Peng Peng’s palace staring at the stars. The Eunuch wants to talk about them but Lu Li only cares about her mistress. The Eunuch asks her if she’s even listening to him, but she tells him not to get any ideas about her, and to remember his position! And then looks down at his you-know-what. Ha ha, he covers it with his hands and tells her that he is the head of the Eunuchs! Aw, poor Eunuch. Lu Li just tells him it doesn’t matter what status he is, he is still a eunuch. He gets really upset at this and thinks she is looking down on him. He claims that the Emperor has announced that discriminating against the disabled is a crime, and that he still has his dignity and his feelings. Ahahahahaha, poor Eunuch. Dude, what are you going to do with her? Cuddle? Lu Li tells him that she’s not looking down on him, she just doesn’t like him. You know, I’m going to marry this actress, I love her so much.


The Emperor comes by at that moment and asks what matter the Empress has with him to visit this late. They just tell him that he’ll find out, and he walks in.


After the last scene, we have some Behind the Scenes footage of the viagra commercial from episode 12, which is brilliant. It’s so strange hearing the actors’ real voices; Peter Sheng’s voice is higher than the voice of Qi Sheng. It’s awesome seeing them all laughing. I also love the subbers notes - “Please forgive the only sponsor of this low-cost drama… In their contract, Armor needs to appear for more than 5 minutes”. I freaking love that the way they chose to do those 5 minutes was to just film a 3 minute commercial and add Behind the Scenes footage. That means they only need another 30 seconds or so of Viagra footage in the actual episodes!


Back to the episode. The way Peng Peng acts sometimes is so ridiculous and it always really confuses Qi Sheng. She's so stubborn and outgoing and rude in general that when she's suddenly all over him, like when she was trying to keep his attention away from the statue. It's part of why he loves her though, I think. He likes her oddness. Total props to Peng Peng for her quick wittedness on blaming the David statue on Qi Sheng. That was probably one of the only things that could get her out of that pickle and she worked it very well.

Sending Ying Yue a fruit to signal he wants to break up was a bit cowardly of Qi Sheng though, if that is actually what it means. Especially as this is Ying Yue and we know what she's like. Unless he tells her to her face, she's not going to believe or accept it. She probably won't accept it either way but he did bring her into the palace so if he wants to break up with her, he needs to be more respectful about it.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Drama catch-up

Bring It On, Ghost (a.k.a. Let's Fight, Ghost) - So cute, I love it. Don't like the scary ghosts but I'm being brave! And everyone that had a problem with Kim So Hyun being a minor isn't watching it so there is no one in my immediate area outraged about them kissing. They're freaking adorable together, I'm hoping that she is only in a coma. We've seen through her flashbacks that she was being run through a hospital, so she was still awake at that point. If she's in a coma, if she wakes up I hope she remembers Bong Pal! Kim So Hyun is so lovely, isn't she? And her character in this has such a nice wardrobe.

Squad 38 - Finished last week, don't really have an opinion on it. The episode where they played gangsters, that was brilliant, they should make that a whole drama. I do love Seo In Guk speaking satoori.

Doctors - This one is an odd drama, because it doesn't seem to have a point. It's like Slice-of-life, it just moves along with stuff happening every episode but nothing really major. The main pair are just all lovey and cute together, and everyone knows they're dating and they have minor squabbles every now and then and it's all just very nice. Seo Woo isn't horrible anymore and she has a cute 'some' friendship with that other doctor, and second lead is really funny and adorkable, and honestly, there's just a lot to like about the show. Lots of guest stars too.

Beautiful Mind - This was nice. It was weird how they turned the doctors into the exposition fairies every episode, and apparently only had one nurse for everything, but the relationship between the two main characters was very sweet. And his speech at the end, about how he might not always notice things about her and might act standoffish or cold, he wants her to remember that he gave her his life (lung transplant) and that he loves her? Very sweet.

Five Kids - Only one more week left, can you believe it? Granted i haven't watched many weekend dramas but this one definitely tops the list. Sangmin and Yeontae are getting married, Jinjoo and Taemin are almost over their last hurdle, i'm pretty sure Mi Jung is pregnant, all of the parents are actually watchable, and the kids aren't fighting anymore. I'll be sad when this is over, we've been watching it for 6 months!

Uncontrollably Fond - Oddly compelling. Everyone is doing a fantastic job, i almost cried when Joon Young was asking his mother for help. I really hate his mum though, she's completely unreasonable, although that seems to be changing now. I don't really see why No Eul likes Joon Young in the first place but I guess when she's had a crush on him since they were teenagers, it was pretty easy for him to hook her back in. He's being selfish by dating her with only 3 months to live but i guess when you're given a death sentence, you want to spend that time with the person you love. Oh, i'm really liking Ji Tae, Limnium's character. He has decided to go against his awful parents, and that's a very courageous move that I respect him for. He's also deliberately not pursuing No Eul because he knows his parents have made her life hell, so i can kind of appreciate that as well.

W (Two Worlds) - I don't quite understand the buzz this drama is getting but I am enjoying this for the most part. Main pair are already making out and there are 10 episodes left, that's somewhat concerning.

Cinderella & The 4 Knights - Only two eps in so far. Ahn Jae Hyun is doing a good job with his playboy role, which says a lot considering his acting skills. At the moment a lot of us like the Secretary Butler and want him with main girl, lol, but Jung Il Woo is lead. Main girl is pretty kickass; she can absolutely hold her own against the guys and won't put up with any of their shit. Love her.

Ice Fantasy - This is one of those "Not terrible, not good, not so bad it's good, just kind of here" dramas. I like it but in no way could it be considered a decent show. The CGI is hilarious, and the sets are pretty but clearly sets and I'm pretty sure they weren't even trying to make them look real, . The wigs aren't terrible; some of them were in the beginning but for the most part the wigs and costumes aren't bad. I mean, they're kind of crazy (Wonder Woman Fire King anyone?), but they're not badly made. I like Li Luo and Ka Suo, they'll be cute when the romance gets started properly. They both look really good too. I'm also hoping to see the Fire Prince and Fire Princess both be redeemed through love just because it would be so easy for their stories to go in that direction and it would be better than both of them being the relatively Meh characters they are now. Fire Princess is 75% of the way there already, and Fire Prince so far hasn't actually forced Mermaid Princess into anything, and he appreciates her spunk. So there's definite potential.

Beautiful Gong Shim - It finished several weeks ago and I still haven't finished the last two episodes. Sigh. I don't even know if i ever will, i already know what happens. I'm just going to remember my beautiful perfect Joon Soo from the first few episodes and forget about the second half of the series.

U-Prince Series (Handsome Cowboy) - Fail, GMM TV. Why would you make your lead male so completely unredeemable? He forced her onto the bed twice and only stopped when she was screaming and crying, he repeatedly kissed her without her permission, he cheated on her TWICE, the second time being after she had already forgiven him and taken him back after the first time, and yet the people around her, including second lead, were telling her to get back together with him because she still loved him. Thank God she wasn't a total pushover and held out right until the end. I really hope the rest of the U-Prince series' aren't as bad as this one.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Drama catch-up

Busy busy busy. I've watched a few Thai dramas recently (Prissana, Wanida and Kiss The Series), and i've been trying to sort out my life in London as my departure creeps nearer and nearer. But enough about that. Yay dramas!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Go Princess Go - Episode 12

Weirdest start to an episode ever, with a big banner for the website that produced this drama the first thing we see, as the camera pulls back and shows the concubines walking through a market in the palace. A Eunuch tries to sell one of them the viagra that we will see consistently from now on, as it is the only sponsor of this show. Honestly one of my favourite things about this whole drama is the blatant product placement, because they don’t just pretend it’s part of the background.


Meanwhile, Peng Peng is being praised by the Dowager Empress for the success of her shopping mall. Since it opened, the Concubines haven’t been complaining or getting into trouble. I keep thinking though, the concubines are using the Emperor’s money to buy the products from it. If they’re spending their days shopping, that’s a lot of money that is virtually all coming from the royal coffers! The Dowager asks Peng Peng to import a special porcelain vase that she wants to display, and Peng Peng agrees. She’s being such a suck-up, you can see the insincerity a mile away. Next we know, Peng Peng has ordered it and is meeting up with a Eunuch secretly to pick it up. Not sure why it’s a secret, there must be something illegal about this vase. They’re pretty funny how they’re sneaking around but it’s also broad daylight and could clearly be seen by anyone, lol. 


He gives her the vase and she asks what else he has to sell. He has all of his things stashed away in a little hollow, and she pokes her head in and finds a little statue of David. The way she reacts, you’d think it was David himself. I think she thinks it is. The Eunuch immediately gets down on his knees and begs for forgiveness (i guess you can’t really go around selling naked statues) but Peng Peng just asks to be given the statue in return for her not saying anything. The Eunuch is confused. Not only is it a fake statue from the West, it’s prohibited in their country. Ha ha, Peng Peng tells him she is just giving him a way to get rid of it, and he thanks her. And then we have a scene in the marketplace with a Eunuch being mobbed for his viagra...


It’s a little while later and Peng Peng is searching everywhere for her David, which has somehow gone missing. She had been hiding it from Lu Li but now tells her what has happened. Lu Li is adorably shocked when Peng Peng tells her what exactly David is; she’s so innocent, our Lu Li. Peng Peng thinks she’s being ridiculous but the important thing now is that they have to find it before anyone else sees it. Lu Li suddenly screams, and remembers that Scud Delivery came by this morning and picked up some packages. She accidentally gave them a wrapped-up David, thinking it was the vase meant for the Dowager Empress. They both freak out, with Lu Li bursting into tears and Peng Peng running off to the Scud Delivery warehouse. She meets Yang Yan in there (how much do i love that they’ve put Princes’ and a General’s son in charge of a delivery service) and checks all of the packages that had come in that day. She throws the packages around without a care (lucky they’re clearly only empty boxes, hey Peng Peng?) but David isn’t there.

Peng Peng feels hot after all that searching and slips off her shoulder covering. Yang Yan thinks she’s going to strip the rest of her clothes off in front of him and turns away (“I can’t betray Ninth Prince”) and Peng Peng is just like “What even, dude?” Ahahahaha, Yang Yan gets a blood nose just from looking at Peng Peng. That night, the Emperor is asking the Eunuch about the delivery service. If he sends something, does everyone know what’s in it? The Eunuch explains that as long as the address is written down correctly, only the receiver will open it. Qi Sheng asks him to send a package for him, and advises him to tell the receiver that “Seeing this is like seeing me”. Hmm, is that meant for Ying Yue?

Qi Sheng then gets a delivery addressed to “Little apple”, the love letter that his Eunuch was writing last episode. Ahahahahahahahaha, how did it end up getting delivered to him? The translator notes tell us that the letter is actually lyrics from a popular song. Qi Sheng looks at Eunuch Qiang and asks him to write “little apple” so that he can compare it to the writing in the letter. Oh oh, they match. Now Qi Sheng thinks his Eunuch is in love with him, ahahahahahahaha. His reaction is priceless. He then gets a delivery of apples from the Dowager Empress, but throws them away and declares that he never wants to see an apple ever again. The next morning, the Emperor is lying awake on his bed and the Eunuch comes in to give him a sponge bath, which I assume is probably what he does everyday. Except now, Qi Sheng is freaking out that his Eunuch wants to take advantage of him. This morning, the Eunuch does feel him up somewhat, and compliment his physique, so that’s not helping things. Qi Sheng asks him to stay 3 metres distance from him at all times from now on, which confuses Eunuch Qiang. He has been his Eunuch for many years, and if he has done something wrong, he wants to fix it. Qi Sheng explains that he hasn’t done anything wrong, this is just how things have to be now. Aww, poor Eunuch is sad.


The next scene is probably the strangest use of product placement I’ve ever seen in a drama. Basically, the episode itself ended after the last scene, and then this scene is a really long advertisement for viagra. It starts with Qi Sheng and Prince Zhao circling each other with swords, with Prince Zhao saying he won’t tolerate Qi Sheng anymore. It’s a fight to the death now. But then, wait for it, they both drop their swords, high five each other, and then turn to the camera as a woman walks between them with a placard stating Armor Poem Writing Competition. Armor is the name of the viagra brand that sponsors them! Prince Zhao starts the poem, and the two princes recite one line each at a time. The whole poem is about Armor, with one line being “Tonight I have no one to sleep with, wasting a piece of Armor”. At one point, Qi Sheng and Prince Zhao smile at each other, and then a Director runs in yelling “Cut!” Ha ha, this is the 108th take and they’re still not done, so he berates them for not knowing their lines and gives them the script to hold. A make-up girl runs in to touch up Qi Sheng, and the Director yells out to turn the fan on (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA best self reference ever!) and it’s action again.


They continue with the poem, with some of my favourite phrases being “Husband and wife sit facing each other until dawn, just because the armor has been used up”, and “As long as there is amor, the world will be full of love”. The way they act it out is so straight! Qi Sheng is so strong and loud, and he glares at Prince Zhao like it really is a competition. At one point though, I swear the actor is genuinely laughing. I actually really love Peter Sheng’s laugh/smile, we so rarely see it. Prince Zhao gets a line wrong and all of the bystanders yell out the correct line. Prince Zhao gets angry and starts throwing his script away, yelling “What is armor!?” A Eunuch then starts speaking and we see the concubines draping themselves all over Qi Sheng with the Eunuch saying “The Chinese first ever viagra, Armor, is here! Is here! Is here!” Qi Sheng then looks upwards and the camera moves up and we see the viagra packaging. The last line is “Take it 1 hour before activity and it will help you reach the peak of life. Armor will make you hard!”



That commercial scene killed me, absolutely killed me. When it first started, I had no clue what was going on, and then it went for a solid 3 minutes! Killed me! I didn’t know whether I should recap it as part of the episode or just add it an as extra in the Comments. They’re acting as their characters, but they’re also acting in a commercial. So weird!

This was another filler episode, with nothing actually happening of any significance. Lots of funny scenes but absolutely nothing worth talking about. Brilliant to watch though, I was laughing the entire time.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Go Princess Go - Episode 11

Peng Peng has apparently moved into a new Palace, now that she’s Empress. It looks exactly the same as her old palace… Lu Li tells Peng Peng how lovely it was when Peng Peng and Qi Sheng were holding hands today [after the crowning ceremony, which we didn’t get to see]. Peng Peng says that this was the first time she had felt like she had the world in her hands. Lu Li calls Peng Peng the luckiest girl in the world, to have the Emperor. I think Lu Li is a romantic, ha ha. Peng Peng just glares at her, but then the Emperor shows up behind them. She asks him why he is there and he’s just like “You’re my Queen and I’m happy so I came”. Fair enough. He sits down to join her, but Peng Peng seems to think this is a ploy to get her into bed or something, because she tells the Emperor that she has already drunk too much wine tonight and is feeling headachy. Ha, Qi Sheng sees straight through her and tells her not to worry, he won’t be there long, he just wants to speak to her. Aw, I kind of felt sorry for him in that moment.


He starts telling her a story of how he knew ever since he was 9 years old that he would marry her. Qi Sheng and Ninth Prince had visited the Zhang family with their Grandfather (the then Emperor) and they saw 5 year old Peng Peng playing in the garden. Grandfather was fond of her and asked the boys if they wanted to play with her. Qi Sheng thought she was cute and went off to play but Ninth Prince stayed with Grandfather. From that day onwards, Grandfather started treating Qi Sheng differently, and told him that the person who married Peng Peng would be lucky. Qi Sheng thinks that Peng Peng is similar to his grandmother, and that watching the two children play together reminded his Grandfather of the time when he met his wife. Aww, the Eunuch seems to find this a nice story and has this cute moment with Lu Li.


Peng Peng drinks to that sentiment [she seems to respect Qi Sheng a little more that he was chasing after girls at age 9], but then pretty much kicks Qi Sheng out. He’s visibly upset but stumbles up with his Eunuch’s help (during that short conversation they managed to drink a lot of wine) and goes to leave. Peng Peng whispers to the Eunuch to take him to You Lan Palace (where Ying Yue lives) but Qi Sheng says loudly that they will go back to his palace. 


A few days later, Lu Li runs into Peng Peng to inform her that Qi Sheng hasn’t stayed overnight at You Lan Palace in several days. Peng Peng asks why she’s telling her this when she never actually asked, and Lu Li just says it is her job to know this kind of gossip. She doesn’t want Ying Yue to steal the new Empress’ spotlight. Ha ha, now that Peng Peng is the Empress, Lu Li is pretty important in the servant world, and is using that to her advantage. Lu Li is so adorable; she puts her hands together and tells Peng Peng that she and her are one and that everything she does, she does for Peng Peng. A servant comes in to advise that the Concubines have arrived. Peng Peng is pretty sick of them; apparently they keep on showing up complaining about things. She tries to get rid of them [“This isn’t a Neighbourhood support group! It’s the weekend, it’s closed!”] but Lu Li tells her that as Peng Peng only just became Empress (and head of Palace Affairs), she needs to show them that she’s boss. 


These concubines only seem to eat watermelon seeds, it’s so odd. They’re eating them in every single scene. Do they ever eat real food? Anyway, they’re here to cry to Peng Peng about the awful comments Ying Yue’s servants have been saying about Peng Peng behind her back. They say that they’re concerned about Peng Peng, but Peng Peng knows exactly what’s going on and point blank asks them what they want. Ha ha, it turns out that they are jealous that Ying Yue is getting all of his attention. In the past, he never went to see any of the concubines so they could accept that, but now that he’s seeing Ying Yue but none of his actual concubines, they feel left out. If Peng Peng doesn’t help them, they’ll sit there and cry all day. Ahahahahahaha, and then one of them cries so much her mascara runs and they all start talking about needing to buy waterproof make-up! One of the concubines mentions buying make-up from Li Ran Fang, a shop outside the palace. If I didn’t know that this web drama only had one sponsor, I’d be positive Li Ran Fang was one as well. They get so distracted by the talk of waterproof make-up that they all just up and leave to go and buy some, and completely disregard what they had come to Peng Peng to discuss. Peng Peng just stares at them in amazement.


Peng Peng wonders how she became the head of the Wives club, and finds the concubines all incredibly petty. Why are women so jealous, she asks? Lu Li just asks her why she’s excluding herself in this, but Peng Peng ignores her and goes on to say that sometimes women do unite, like today with the concubines ganging up against Ying Yue and the waterproof make-up. It makes her realise that friendships can be built and maintained through shopping and beauty, and starts to get an idea. She visits the Emperor and asks him to approve a shopping mall [ha!]. She doesn’t mean an actual mall though, what she basically wants to start is an online shopping mall without the internet [so, Avon?]. At first Qi Sheng says No, thinking it’s unnecessary seeing as they already have four markets in town. Peng Peng explains about the concubines not loving the fact that Qi Sheng only ever visits Ying Yue, and how she wants to give them something to distract them with.


Qi Sheng sees the sense in this and thinks it might help him avoid conflict, and Peng Peng then goes on about women becoming immediately happy when they receive a package. The way she says it, I think she must be quoting a well-known Chinese commercial (or a western one, even. I have no clue). Qi Sheng thinks that if her shopping mall means they can get things delivered quickly, like western fruit or important military documents, then that sounds alright to him. Peng Peng is pretty happy now, and assures him that as long as they get the delivery section working fast [she calls it Scud Delivery], it will all be perfect.


Cut to Yang Yan and Ninth Prince making suggestive noises while also making questionable movements, and then we see them sitting behind a mountain of boxes massaging their aching wrists. They’ve been writing for hours, it seems, something to do with the delivery service. The addresses for the packages? Ninth Prince smiles as he admires Peng Peng’s new venture. Meanwhile, the concubines are wondering why Peng Peng set up the shopping mall (they assume it’s to get the Emperor’s attention) but appreciate the cheap high quality products it sells. They hope to get a discount by being the Empress’s close friends, and one of them even comments that she hopes to become the world’s best Kiss Ass. That was such a strange conversation.


Next we have Prince Zhao, who has apparently been put in charge of the delivery service. I guess he didn’t have anything else to do… He tells the helpers to get everything to their customers tonight. They tell him no worries, he doesn’t have to do anything, they’ll do it all. Ha, and then they all look at the addresses and remember that they can’t read! Ahahahaha, I actually have no idea what Prince Zhao did then because i assumed he was delivering the packages, but it just looked like he was rearranging them. Well, whatever it was, he was exhausted afterwards. The last thing we see is the Emperor’s Eunuch writing what looks like a love letter. He’s smiling while he writes it, awwww!



Nothing much happened in this episode, did it? The scene between Qi Sheng and Peng Peng was lovely, when he told her about their past. You could see that he looked on that memory fondly, and when she asked him to leave, he was really upset but didn’t act angry in front of her. He’s trying to build something between them, but Peng Peng still doesn’t care a jot about him and still remembers that he tried to kill her.

The concubines are such filler in this show but they do provide some pretty funny moments. Completely dropping the Ying Yue situation when the idea of waterproof make-up came up was pretty hilarious, especially the look on Peng Peng’s face when she was trying to get their attention back to her and failing miserably. Starting the delivery service (which Peng Peng called AliPengPeng, aka Alibaba) was a good idea to contain the concubines but I don’t see the point of it as part of the narrative. I think Go Princess Go is one of those shows that you could watch the first ten episodes and then the last few and skip everything else if you were only watching for the main plot, but you would miss a hell of a lot of cute and funny. But while I’m recapping it, I’m certainly noticing the lack of story more and more.